Intuition, the sixth sense, is the ability to tap into the knowledge that the universe has to offer. The universe is willing to provide each of us with all we need to know for our greater good. It's speaking to us in a variety of ways, every day. Intuition is the process, or processes, by which we receive its communications.

Meditation, experimentation and patience will allow you to find the method that you're most comfortable and successful with. I use many conduits, such as:

Clairvoyance - Getting a visual message about a person, object or event. I can see, in my mind's eye (not physically in front of me), a visual depiction of the information I need to receive.

Clairessience - This is the gut level feeling that we have all the time, but usually don't pay attention to. "I felt it in my gut." It's a very deep, assuring feeling that isn't based on any of the other five senses.

Clairaudience - Getting an audio message from the universe. Hearing words and/or sounds from within yourself.

Psychometry - Is the ability to hold or touch an object and receive information about the person or event. I gather vibrations the object holds.

Numerology - Every number associated with a person (address, birth date, phone number, for examples) has a meaning. I focus on a person's birth date to acquire even more specific information about that person.

Mediumship - I call on the angels, spirit guides, and/or loved ones that have passed over to offer their unique source of inspiration. We all have these wonderful beings with us in life, and they are always available to us for comfort and support.

There are two things that are very important to me in my practice. These are often overlooked. One is that though we may not speak the same language, we can communicate with our pets while they are here on Earth with us, and after they pass. The common denominator between humans and pets (and plants, for that matter) is that we are all forms of life, coming from the same creator. We can establish bonds of communication spiritually in order to live together more harmoniously with love. The other important thing to remember is that we are born with intuitive ability. Children are acutely intuitive. "Make believe/invisible friends," role-playing, talking to toys are all ways in which children communicate spiritually. As we get older, society squashes this practice and sets rigid rules for behavior. It is sad. Children should continually enjoy all the stimulus and education the universe provides, and adults should try to be more child-like in their practice of intuition!

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