Rena Elliott is a parapsychologist and intuitive. She has developed her own sixth sense, and teaches others the power and benefits of developing their own.

"I knew I was psychic at a young age," Rena recalls, "but like most people, I denied it for years. It seemed frightening, because the negative starts coming out easier and faster at first." For example, when Rena was a child, her grandmother was hospitalized. While brushing her hair one morning, the phone rang, and Rena immediately knew it was the news that her grandmother had passed away.

"While growing up, I realized that used properly and responsibly, my gift could be used to improve the quality of both my own life and others."

Rena attended prestigious Fairleigh-Dickinson University in New Jersey, majoring in Education. She also attended New England College in New Hampshire, studying business and psychology, which is today an aid in her consulting work. She also was a student at the UCLA School of Parapsychology. Rena has studied with Elizabeth Kubler Ross, expert in death and dying, and Thelma Moss, expert on energy and auras.

Many West Coast law enforcement agencies have hired Rena as an intuitive consultant to assist in solving complex crimes with few sold clues. She has found bodies, described perpetrators, detected arson, and happily, located lost pets. Most notably, Rena worked on the Hillside Strangler case.

Believing that all living things communicate, and have particular energy, Rena is able to receive information from the animal kingdom and plant life. She saved a cat's life by learning from it that a balloon was stuck in its intestines, and was told by horses that they were being threatened by a mountain lion, which was later tracked and kept at bay.

Rena has appeared on many television shows including The Roseanne Show, The Other Side, Paranormal Borderline, It's a Miracle, NBC News, Two on the Town and Alive and Well. She has been a guest on radio as well, including regular segments on KABC, KTAR and KIEV (Now KRLA), and has hosted her own hour-long call-in show on KBET.

Rena captivates audiences across the United States with her lectures, seminars and classes on parapsychology and how to tap into intuitive potential. She provides personal consultations both by phone and in person.

There is still a general hesitation about known intuitive psychics, especially with the proliferation of 900 numbers, classified ads and the Internet. Rena responds this way: "In the final analysis, all an intuitive has is her reputation. It is of utmost importance to handle the gift responsibly and professionally. An intuitive should prove to be credible."

A rare blend of keen knowledge and delightful personality, Rena Elliott is a gifted intuitive, who empowers her students, aids her clients, entertains her audiences and demystifies the world of psychic phenomenon which is available to all of us.

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