"In 1998, after completing several books that I sold through my website, I wrote my first commercial book. While negotiations were taking place, I asked Rena what kind of advance she thought I would get. She responded with a figure far in excess of what first-time writers get with major publishers. Although I was skeptical, when the offer finally came through from Ballantine Wellspring Books, Rena had called the amount correctly right down to the penny."

Thomas Ashley-Farrand Author, Healing Mantras and Power Mantras
Sanskritmantra Mantras and Spiritual Power

"I have known Rena since 1988, and have complete confidence in her. In 1994, my mother died. Seeking some comfort and answers to questions lingering from her sudden and unexpected death, I saw Rena. The first thing Rena said to me was that she saw my mom holding my third (at the time unborn) child wrapped in a pink blanket. At the end of this session, Rena asked me (as always) if I had any questions. I asked her if my mother had a name she'd like me to call the baby. After a moment, Rena said "Amanda." After catching my breath, I was still stunned. My mother's birth name was Amanda, but she was called by her middle name throughout her life. The name Amanda was a sign to me that Rena really was communicating with my mother."

Cristi Prince

"Rena Elliott has proven her skills to me more than once. She has specifically described the person, the time and their primary reason for entering my life."


"I cannot tell you how strongly I believe in Rena Elliott's insight and advice. I called Rena one day to recount a phone call I had gotten from a friend of mine at a major studio in Los Angeles about an opening in his department. He wondered if I would be interested in sending my resume for the position, which I had worked for years to be considered for. Rena immediately said: "The job is yours is you want it." Two weeks went by before my friend's boss called asking if I'd like to meet for the job opening. I called Rena to let her know, and without a beat she said: "The job is yours if you want it." I couldn't believe the same phrase came so quickly and easily again. Weeks went by after the meeting, which I thought went well, but I hadn't heard anything. So, a little more anxiously, I called Rena. She said: "The job is yours if you want it." But she added, "You have a decide that you really want the job before it will come to you. You must let the universe know that you are ready for the job and it will come." I decided that I really wanted the position. Less than a minute later, the phone rang. It was the person who interviewed me letting me know they'd like to me fly to the East Coast to meet with higher ups. Two weeks passed after my New York meeting, and no decision had been made. I called Rena, who said only one thing: "The job is yours if you want it." I lit a candle, visualized myself at my desk in that office with all of those same surroundings, and told the universe that I was ready to be there. Almost immediately the phone rang, and it was the job offer. I still get the chills when I think of the phrase Rena used from the beginning: "The job is yours if you want it." Rena knew the outcome all along. She always does."

Anonymous, Los Angeles

"Rena Elliott came highly recommended to me by a prominent, mutual acquaintance nearly 30 years ago. I had two readings from her then. Rena impressed me so much at the time, that I recently searched for and found her. We then scheduled a telephone reading. I needed some clarification regarding some very important life-altering decisions, which Rena nailed during our session! Rena doesn�t probe, or try to glean information from you during the reading; she does it all on her own. She is the 'real deal'. Rena is confident yet gentle, and instills a sense of calmness while she tells you things about yourself, your loved ones and any other meaningful person or situation. Rena doesn�t tell you what to do, she gives you the information, guidance and uncanny insight that help you make your own decisions. Thank you, Rena!"

S Crawford, Los Angeles CA

"I had to wait several days for your reading because I had to get the money transfer to you, but it was so worth the wait. I can only describe your reading as completely amazing! The fact that you asked me no questions in the first 20 minutes you managed to answer the vast majority of my questions! Thank you so much for inisights and advise."

Best wishes
Lots of peace and love

I first met Rena in 2001,coming to her after two friends had highly recommended her. During my reading, Rena told me I would meet my soulmate within 6 months, marry him a year later and have two babies closely together. At the time, I was a single woman who had had quite a bit of bad luck in the love department and I found her predictions hard to believe. Almost exactly 6 months to the day later, I met a wonderful man who fit her description. We had a whirlwind romance resulting in a wedding 16 months after our first date and those babies joined us within 3 years after our wedding. She has also been most accurate with her predictions concerning career, re-locations and other family matters.

 I have since recommended Rena to many friends and relatives and all have been astounded by her accuracy. Rena is a highly talented intuitive. Her readings are always uplifting and fun. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking a little peek into their future!


I wanted to let you know know that I really enjoyed the reading I had with you on Feb 23rd. It was THE BEST, BEST reading I ever had and I have had quite a few!

I've thought alot about the all the wonderful information that you spoke about and decided to stop procrastionating and "move  foward". There's so many exciting things that I could be doing. I thought about joing a Reiki group and possibly getting some painting supplies. I have NO IDEA how to paint BUT.... I thought I would give it a try. Kind of when you come home from school with that ash tray or papertowel holder that you made and your mother asks you what it is LOL. The first painting I'll send to you ; )

Sending you Love, Abundance and Good Health as I chant to Lakshmi.


Rena Elliott Chiu is a brilliant intuitive guide. She is exceptionally grounded and practical. At the same time, she touches the infinite and brings us wisdom from beyond our everyday reality. Rena is trained in solid counselling skills that ensure that she is always careful, ethical and able to hold clients safely. I have consulted Rena over six years and have seen her insights borne out with amazing accuracy. She has been so helpful in providing me with "the big picture" with a sense of how my choices and circumstances connect with my Self, with the greater field and ground of being. I highly recommend her for her gifts of caring guidance.

Dr. Louisa Walker, Auckland, New Zealand

Two days ago, I was visiting the Astroved website. They were offering Angel readings. I mentioned it to Melanie, who said it was okay by her if I wanted to get one. Then I realized I had my own "Angel Reader".......you. Needless to say, I am sticking with you, my Angel Reader. Next, your last reading for me has been exceptionally helpful to Melanie and me. It has helped immensely us with some vexing situations. Finally, it feels like everything is starting to go much more smoothly for me, career and other wise.

In any event, thanks for being my "Angel Reader."



Rena has appeared on the following television shows: The Roseanne Show, The Other Side, Paranormal Borderline, It's a Miracle, NBC News, Two on the Town and Alive and Well

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